About Us

“ Our Mission is for the Destitute, the Poor and the Illiterate Peasantry and Labouring Communities”
                                                                                                                           -Swami Vivekananda  
“Work sincerely and silently, your sincere and silent work will bring everything, whatever you need”
                                                                                                                          -Swami Vivekananda


Genesis of the Organization
JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY is a non-political, non-communal, non-profit making and non-Governmental organization, the main objective of which is to cause socio-economic empowerment of the poor and marginalized with a prime focus on the distressed and downtrodden women. JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY actually started with the joint effects of some enthusiastic youth (boy & girls) by organizing game & sport and some cultural program since 2010. This was temporary programme & seasonal basis with the gradual Expansion of its games, sport and cultural wings this organization group feels to build a permanent youth club & for this purpose they came forward & convene a meeting for this purpose. All of them healthily accepted the noble proposal of the Founder Group. 
The founder of this Society then started organizing sports & cultural programme throughout the year. As the area is very much backward and interior the people of this area are very ignorant and illiterate. Due to this, founder of the Society organized several awareness camp and Adult literacy programme for women.  For this purpose they also collected local contribution with high satisfaction. After gradual expansion of its sports, cultural and networking activities this organization group has been formed in a legal way and has been Registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961 in the year 2012 - 2013. Now this group called JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY.
Niti Ayog Reg no. : WB/2016/0098861 (Unique Id of Joygram Social Welfare Society)


Vision and Mission 
Our Vision
JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY’s vision is to achieve a value – oriented sustainable society based on social orientation, economic growth, local capacity building and empowerment of people for a complete social transformation.
Our Mission
JOYGRAM SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY ’s mission is to aware the poor & disadvantaged people about their health, education and basic rights, assist them to recognize and improve their potentialities through skill formation, knowledge sharing and transfer of technical knowhow, guide them to generate economic benefit for promoting sustainable development in economy. 


Our Objectives
Children’s Welfare Programmes :
  • To work for the welfare of the street Children. 
  • To implement various programs for the welfare of the physically & mentally handicapped children. 
  • To organize various programs for prevention of Child Labour. 
  • To setup orphanage House and to establish Creches for the poor & needy rural/slum children. 
  • To run children Library and to education school dropped out children through NFE System. 
Rural Development Programmes :
  • To Implement Rural Sanitation Program 
  • To establish Village Library. 
  • To construct Low Cost House Latrines for the weaker of the society. 
  • Drinking Water arrangement for the society. 
  • Formation of Self Help Groups in rural areas. 
  • To implement the total Sanitation Camping Programs. 
  • To work under the centrally sponsored scheme of Ministry of Rural Development, GOI such as NREGP, SGYS etc. 
Educational Programmes :
  • To setup Non-Formal Education Centers. 
  • To setup adult Education Centers. 
  • To setup Children Libraries.  
  • To help the various Govt./Prevate Dept. for the development of literacy programs. 
  • To work under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. 
  • To organize various pre-examination training’s programs for SC/OBC. 
  • To promote Girls Education programs. 
  • To establish/run/manage schools to spread any or all types of education prevalent in modern India. 
Environment Development :
  • Conduction environment education training in the spheres of conservation of forests and wild life for rural peoples especially the youth. 
  • To work for maintenance and conservation of Bio-Diversity. 
  • Encouraging rural masses towards the use of alternate sources of energy like solar cooker, biogas, smokeless chullas and solar lamps to avoid environment pollution. 
  • To implement various projects related to forestry, tree plantation etc. 
  • To conduct the National Environment Awareness Program (NEAC) each year. 
  • To implement various Environment Education’s Projects in various schools. 
Women & Girls Welfare Activities :
  • To create employment opportunities for women and youth through vocational training facilities to trace out force of women /youth. 
  • To setup Working Women Hostels, Short Stay Homes and Swadhar centers for the women. 
  • To setup Training-cum-Production units for Women and marketing of products. 
  • Formation of Self-Help Groups for the poor women. 
  • To provide free legal literacy to women/girls. 
  • To organize various Awareness Generation Programs for women/girls. 
  • To provide free Sex Education to the Youth/Adolescents girls. 
  • To setup Women Helpline Programs. 
  • To implement various other Women Empowerment related programs. 
Youth Welfare :
  • To organize various vocational training courses for youth. 
  • To initiate and organize need oriented rural development program. 
  • To impart education and training on the basis of youth organization methods and practical. 
  • To organize various sports meets at Village, Block, District and State level. 
  • To establish Stadiums both in rural and urban  areas for sports activities. 
  • To implement various Youth Empowerment &  adolescent Development projects.